Up to four people can use one PC at the same time!

with softXpand Duo 2011 by MiniFrame Ltd.

You will need Windows/7 and extra sets of Monitor, Mouse & Keyboard

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softXpand Duo softXpand Duo Pro
Operating System Windows/7 Windows/7
Max. users 2 4
Cost US$29 US$39 & up
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What is SoftXpand?

SoftXpand is a software product, designed with a clear objective: save costs.
SoftXpand is a Multiseat software, allowing a number of users simultaneously share one desktop computer, and use it normally. This means - more users, with less computers.
Use cases for SoftXpand vary from basic word-processing and internet access, all the way to high-end applications such as 3D-CAD and gaming.
SoftXpand has a few clear benefits over similar Multiseat solutions:
Does not require a dedicated server - SoftXpand runs on most desktop / laptop computers.
Supports full graphic acceleration - including OpenGL and DirectX.
Easy to use and transparent - users can continue using Windows 7 normally without changing their habits.
Low cost - does not require dedicated hardware such as Thin-Clients.

Who can benefit from SoftXpand?

Home users can share a single computer with their friend or spouse, or stop the kids from fighting over the computer and enjoy it together.
Flat-Screen TVs can be connected to the computer and become a secondary workstation - this way you can watch your favorite HD movies on one screen, while the kids are watching their favorite movies on the TV screen.

No risk. No cost to try. You will need a set of keyboard, mouse and monitor for each user, but only one PC, running Windows/7.
This is a great solution for video game players, families with children and small offices.
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Share your computer!
No need to buy another PC. Today's computers are powerful enough for several simultaneous users with no performance degredation.
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Note: The indicated price is a one-time license charge. There are no additional software costs.